The Pediatrics for Emergency Physicians Network
Proudly Presents

The Steven Z. Miller
Pediatrics for Emergency Physicians Course

Course Content

Basic Pediatrics for Emergency Physicians
Tricky Fever Cases : Diagnoses You Don’t Want To Miss
Respiratory Illness Made Simple
Sepsis/Septic Shock
The Rules of Recogntion : Sick vs Well Child
Resuscitation Tips (PALS, RSI, etc)
Seizures and Status Epilepticus
Clinical Approach to the Very Sick Infant and Child
Vomit, Abdominal Pain , and Crying
Recent Articles That Will Change Your Practice

Course Description and Objectives

The vast majority of infants and children who visit emergency departments in the United States are evaluated by emergency medicine-trained physicians. This course addresses the unique challenges faced by these EP’s who care for pediatric patients in the community hospital emergency department setting.

During this intensive two-day course, concise didactic sessions will be combined with more individualized small group workshops and hands-on simulator practice. Throughout this event, the three key areas of pediatrics of most relevance and concern to practicing EP’s will be highlighted :

1) Diagnosis and management of the very sick child.
2) Management of the most common pediatric emergencies.
3) Early recognition and diagnosis of the child who appears well, but is really very sick.

Discussions by PEP Network faculty, who are experts in the field, will include both a series of evidence based simplified algorithms tailor-made for EP’s, as well as many useful pearls to aid in clinical practice. New research and innovations, with implications for changing practice, will complement these discussions. A detailed and comprehensive written syllabus will be provided to facilitate home study and review following the course.

What Is Unique About This Course

This course is exclusively designed to meet the needs of experienced emergency physicians and physician extenders who currently provide care to children in their practice. Geared to update emergency medicine practitioners, the systematic approach and basic principles included in our discussions also makes this an ideal course for EP’s who want to increase their comfort level with pediatric patients , or want to begin expanding their current practice to include seeing infants and children.

Course content and format are based on extensive feedback and input from the many practicing emergency physicians who have attended our five previous courses. Lectures hone-in on latest developments in the field and valuable stratregies EP’s can implement in their daily practice with children, and these discussions are followed by small group workshops and simulator practice to drive home and reinforce key points.

Enrollment will be limited in order to maximize learning opportunities for participants during small group workshops and simulator practice . Therefore, early registration is recommended.

As an added bonus, all attendees will also receive complimentary on-line access to our “Fever In Infants for Emergency Physicians” CME course, and may earn up to an additional 13 Category 1 AMA CME Credits for FREE!

Who Should Attend This Course

Emergency Physicians
Urgent Care Physicians
Emergency Nurses
Emergency Medicine Residents
Physician Assistants
Nurse Practicioners
EMT’s / Paramedics

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